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Evangelist and Worship Leader Jacob TobackWelcome to the Worshipers of the Living of God Ministry website. Our heart and desire is to educate the body of Christ on how ot restore the body of Christ to to true
throne room worship.

Worshipers of the Living God Ministries wants to be your place to discover "True Throne Room Worship". Please check out our introductory video that will help explain the mission of the ministry. (Click Here)

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Take the time to discover biblical keys that will usher in the Glory of God in your personal life and in the churches. This Hebrew keyword (Strong's Concordance (Hebrew & Caldee Dictionary, word 7812), holds the secret to releasing God's presence like a river flowing in you, your ministry and your church. God is not a respecter of persons so you can learn true throne worship by seeking God with all you heart, this is a revelation for accessing The Holy of Holies.

Looking to find the presence of God through worship? See theshocking truth of why our worship services may not be giving Honor and Glory to God that God is due. Satan has literally stolen from our churches true throne room worship. God's desire is to restore true Priestly worship so that His Glory will fill our churches.