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Ministry Biography of Evangelist and Apostolic Worship Leader Jacob Toback

Worshipers of the Living God Ministries is a home based church based in Stuart, FL. Evangelist and worship leader Jacob Toback has been given a mandate from God, to restore true worship to God’s people. True worship that is worship that is according to God’s word and not according to the dead ritualistic traditions of men. Only true worship is capable of releasing the Glory of God. Not only does true worship give true honor to our God but true worship releases healing, deliverance, peace and empowerment for the believer. 

Our ministry travels around the country empowering all leaders and all believers that they may walk into their calling that God has set them apart for. We also lead a worship gathering once a week at our sanctuary in Stewart, FL., as well as holding a school of minstry for leaders on True Worship. If you know that something is missing and have a desire to come face to face, eyes to eyes, nose to nose, mouth to mouth and body to body in His Throne Room then this ministry can place you into position to recieve. 

Those who gather are those who truly desire to come into the glory of God. They have a desire to come face to face, nose to nose, mouth to mouth, lips to lips, and body to body in His throne room with the living God. 

If you are truly one who has a desire to live in his glory, live in the fire of his love and live in the fire of his truth to live in his heartbeat to experience him as never before then you should surely call this number with any questions you have. This ministry will teach you how to enter into true worship. How to live true worship and with our home school of ministry course, you will learn how to teach it to other with Demonstration of Power. 

We have books available to all believers on true throne room worship that have pure apostolic revelations on Heavens worship. We have 14 different worship CD’s that have annoiting that will place the believer on his or her face.A school of ministry course that contains 5 DVDs and 10 CDs on how to offer up True Worship to the living God. These are teachings from our Florida and Chicago Worship Gatherings. We also have the worlds first detailed work book on how teach God's people True Worship and with demonstration of God's power.

Please contact us today to learn more about our worship gatherings, our home group weekly worship, and our ministry school. We love to welcome newcomers, so feel free to attend a gathering. We know that you will never be the same. It’s free.

About Jacob Toback

Jacob Toback Blowing shofarAfter preaching for over 18 years in the streets of Manhattan, New York City Evangelist/Worship Leader, Jacob Toback founded Worshippers of the Living God Ministries. He has been called to Florida, along with his wife, to teach the body of Christ to enter into true Throne Room Worship and enter into the awesome Glory of God. Over 29 years ago, Christ revealed Himself to Evangelist/Worship LeaderJacob Toback who was a Jew by birth. Jacob Toback is the writer of the anointed book, NO FLESH STANDS IN THE HOLY OF HOLIES, which many readers have called "the best book on true throne room worship ever written." The book has profoundly affected the lives of so many worshippers that it is spreading around the country like wild fire, along with 14 volumes of anointed worship music.

The book definitely teaches on what true worship is according to the Bible, and what counterfeit "worship" is according to man. Evangelist/Worship Leader Jacob Toback emphatically states that he did not write this book, but that God gave him the revelation on worship. More important, every sentence is backed up by Bible scriptures. The Concordance, which is recognized by Christians to give accuracy in Hebrew to English and Greek to English word definitions, clearly states that "worship" means to bow, kneel, and prostrate one's body and heart. (See Concordance definition of "worship" #7812 in Hebrew and #4352 in Greek.)

The Evangelist/Worship Leader has spent the last 13 years traveling the country, teaching the Body of Christ true worship, or a better definition might be "heaven's worship." When true worship is offered up to God, His holy presence and awesome glory is revealed. One believer states, "Unless you experience it for yourself, it's hard to explain that the manifest presence of God."

When true worship is offered and the glory is released from heaven, healing, deliverance, empowerment, and God's love fills the sanctuary. In a period when many have become dissatisfied with too much religious entertainment, too much talk about money compared to praying and fasting, when so many are hearing only "tickling of the ear-make me feel good about myself" preaching, Evangelist Toback says the time has come for Holy Spirit filled preaching, which convicts and leads to the saving of the soul. Sadly, many still come to church without being delivered, go without emotional and physical healing, and never experience the holy presence and awesome glory of God.

The ministry of Worshippers of the Living God promises to be a "lighthouse" for all those who have a sincere desire to give God absolutely the highest honor, which only He deserves. Evangelist/Worship Leader Toback boldly states, "One visit to the sanctuary will change your life forever and bring you into an experience with the Lord in such a way that you will never settle for anything less!" 
Need proof? Come and see for yourself.