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 Attention – Awesome News from

Apostolic Worship Leader & Evangelist Jacob Toback

YAHveh, our God and Father has brought to us new and advanced cell phone technology called “Periscope.”   This will enable Laurie Anne and myself,  to pray for all of you, “personally.” It is free and easy for you to sign up.

This new technology called “Periscope” will enable me to Live Stream (broadcast) directly into your cell phone so that we will touch and agree on “all your needs.”  Whether it is financial or a new job or salvation for family members, spiritual breakthroughs, healing for you and others or direction for your life, we will pray together until we receive what we ask for.  

Scripture says, When two or more touch and agree on anything, whatever they ask for shall come to pass (Matt 18:19).  This is a promise from YAHveh our Father YAHshua His Son and the Holy Spirit.  Another scripture, Everyone who asks and keeps on asking, shall receive (Luke 11:9-13).  Do we believe the Word of God?

 In addition, “Periscope” which is new technology (for cell phones) will enable us, to live stream (broadcast) all Worship Gatherings and God’s Messages just as it is happening. 

Please, it is easy, it’s free.   Just sign up.   Directions are at the bottom.  Don’t stay isolated any longer.   Allow Laurie Anne and I into your lives to encourage, and to strengthen you with the Word of God.   We want nothing in return but your love.

Instructions to get “Periscope” connected into your cell phone:

 It’s free and it’s easy.  It’s time to agree and get those prayers answered.  Please share this with others who are hungry for God:

 1. Download the application called “Periscope" on either your cell phone or computer - see link below:


 2. Create an account for yourself (just need an email) so you can sign up and subscribe to our channel  

3. Now follow us on Periscope - our channel name is

"Jacob and Laurie Anne Toback” - Our login is called "True Worshippers"

Beloved brothers and sisters and prayer partners.,,  This is my 30th year of ministry.   A leader is no more than a servant, who teaches God’s people.  My personal phone number (516-840-0800) has always been available to all of you and will continue to be. 

My desire is to be the servant God wants me to be, to you personally.   I want you to truly allow, Laurie Anne and I, to become part of your life, by praying for your personal needs with this new and exciting technology and receiving answers to prayer.

True Revival, is breaking out all over, through True Worship.  It is here.  It has already begun.  Lives are drastically changing as God is pouring Himself out on those, who choose to honor Him through True Worship (worship according to the Word of God and not according to the dead traditions of men).

At the present time, over 50 pastors in Africa and India are being trained in True Worship.   True Worship has invaded Jamaica West Indies and the Bahamas.  Of course in this country True Worship is spreading.   Yes, YAHveh will accomplish in those that are truly His.

Beloved, things are about to explode through True Worship.  Accelerated elevation and authority are about to take place in your life.   Your ministry is about to be taken to a much higher level in power, through True Worship, and many of you are about to be officially launched out for the first time.        

“Worshippers of The Living God Ministries”, would consider it to be an honor, to be a covering for you (at no cost).  

Laurie Anne and I, are determined not to lose the “personal intimacy” with you as this ministry drastically expands and the cords of its tent are stretched as its boundaries are widened by YAHveh our God, as well as your borders.

My desire and Laurie Anne’s desire, is to continue to stand with you.  To touch and agree with you.   To feed you only the Truth without compromise regarding God’s Word, so that on “that day you and I will hear ‘Well done my good and faithful servant, enter in’ says the Lord.”

Lord, who shall abide in your Tabernacle? Who shall dwell in your Holy Mountain?      Psalms 15:1

Father has given us this new and advanced technology.   Let us use it as a family to Glorify God.   We love you.


Brother Jacob and Sister Laurie Anne Toback