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Chicago Worship Meeting


Please pray about attending and ask Father.  Please call me for any questions.

Please join me on at 9pm EST  on the conference call for True Worship according to God's Word.     All invited.   

218-895-0956 access code 37878#

COL 3:23 - Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,

His bond servants

Evangelist and Worship Leader Jacob and Sister Laurie Anne Toback 

516-840-0800 (call anytime for prayers or questions)

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 Does anyone need encouragement?

Please share these LIVE Conferences Calls with anyone who needs encouragement in The Body of Christ – All are invited.  Mark these phone # and access codes down and share with those who are hungry for more of Him.       Please forward and share this email with other.     Online Church is here for you.

Daily Conference Calls that Glorify Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior

Every Monday to Friday 9pm EST and Every Saturday to Sunday 8pm EST

                                                 218-895-0956 access code 37878#

Draw Near to God Conference Call (James 4:8) – with Brothers Joe, Kim and Steve and Sisters Bessie and Joanne.  – Please Bring Holy Communion Elements

Every Thursday 8pm EST         218-895-3666 access code 7777777#  (seven 7s)








Call to reserve space - limited by conference room size - Call Jacob Toback with questions 516-840-0800