Worshippers of the Living God Ministries Books

Tanach - Stone Edition

The Tanach is an original interpretation from Hebrew to English of the Old Testiment. The Tanach will help in your endevours of studying the scriptures to define words like bow, kneel and prostrate. This book is a must for any student of the bible searching for truth.

No Flesh Worship Book


No Flesh Stands in the Holy of Holies

Discover for yourself why this one ancient Herbrew word holds the key to define True Preistly Worship that will usher in the weighty presence of God. For those who are willing to approach Me the way all heaven approches Me, The Lord is saying.... "Come close to Me and honor Me before the whole house of Israel".

Holy Communion - Jacob Toback

Holy Communion - Unleash the Power of Heaven

Readers have said "this book is one of the most annointed books on throne room worship they have ever read". Readers say "that the fire of the Holy Spirit has surged through them as they started to read this book".

Let No Man Touch My Glory - Jacob Toback

Let No Man Touch My Glory

This powerfully annointed teaching provides a blue print for True Throne Room Worship that will surley restore YAH-veh's santcuaries to their former Glory! The book dares to boldy to confront church leadership and the entire body to root out, pull down and destroy the "church system" of what they call "worship", but what God's word defines as no more than the dead ritualistic traditions and false doctrines of men, strange, alien fore or counterfeit worship.