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 Presents Live Conference Calls

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Grace and Peace to you in the Love of  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   

I would like to present David Nevills, an awesome man of God, that will be a great contributor of us learning True Worship.  The depths of the revelation of True Worship are limitless.  Heaven has no limits.

 Worship Leader: DAVID

Anointed to Worship (Bow, Kneel and Prostrate).    

 You are invited to attend these weekly Friday nght Live Conference call with David Nevills.    

 You will learn about True Worship.   

  • What the Holy Bible says abut it?  
  • What's my role as non-believer or believer in Christ?
  • All are invited and welcome

 Note:  All questions will be answered from the Word of God (The Holy Bible) and the leading of YAHveh (Father) YAHshua (Jesus) Holy Spirit.

Every Friday Night 9pm EST/8pm CST 

218-895-0956 access code 37878# (pound sign)

 To hear some of DAVID's music go to: (Click Here)

To learn about his ministry go to Google Plus web site: (Click Here)

I would truly like to encourage you to attend these Friday night conference calls with DAVID.

 Ascribe to The Lord, O divine beings, ascribe to The Lord Glory and Honor and Strength.  Ascribe to The Lord the Glory due His Name, bow down to The Lord in the beauty of holiness.     Psalms  29:1-2

 God Bless 

Evangelist Jacob Toback 
516-840-0800  (call me anytime I am your servant)


PS :  As a reminder, we have Live Conference Calls every day and you are invited to attend - all for the Glory of The FatherSon (same conference phone # above):


Every  Monday to Friday           9pm EST 
Every  Saturday and Sunday    8pm EST  
Every  Saturday morninng       11am EST - prayer call